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Dominican food


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Carne de res guisada Stewed beef
Pollo guisado Stewed chicken
Albondigas de pollo Chicken meatballs with coriander and coconut
Cerdo guisado con tayotas o berenjenas Stewed pork with chayote, or eggplant
Alitas de tamarindo y mani Tamarind and Peanut Chicken Wings
Chivo guisado Stewed goat
Chiccarrones Fried chicken
Cordero guisado al vino Stewed lamb with wine
Pato al vino Duck with wine
Chivo picante guisado Spicy goat stew
Guinea al vino Guinea hen with wine
Habichuelas rojas guisadas Red beans stew
Carne Ripia Chopped beef meat with tomato sauce
Albondigas de res con papas Meat balls with potatoes
Pasteles en hoja Meat and root vegetable wraps
Puerco asado Roasted pig
Polio frito Fried chicken
Pechugas de pollo con cilantro Chicken breast with coriander
Chicharron de pollo con Huesos Fried breaded chicken with bones
Chicharron de pollo sin huesos Fried breaded chicken boneless
Chicharron de pollo sin huesos Fried breaded chicken boneless
Higado guisado Stewed liver
Higado guisado con cebolla Liver stewed with onions
Pipian de chivo Goat bowel stew
Bofe frito Beef fried lung
Longaniza Pork sausage
Morcilla Blood sausage
Mollejitas guisadas Stewed gizzard
Longaniza con cebolla Pudding with onions
Recipes on the left!
Recipes on the left!