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Dominican Republic Capital

Dominican Republic Capital

Santo Domingo could have been brought lock, stock and barrel from Spain. The wrought iron windows, the whitewashed houses, the Catholic churches, the Gothic/Renaissance style, the cobble streets.

The most famout part of the capital and the jewel in the crown is the "Zona Colonial" [the Colonial Zone]. The buildings and streets are is a throwback to the original Spanish colonial rule and steeped in history and intrigue, art and culture.

The capital of Dominican Republic has the ingredients of Spanish, Taino and African ancestry make for a buzzing city, moving to the sound of the merengue music. [cont right]

Above: Alcazar de colon [Castle of Colombus]


Above: Christopher Colombus` statue

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Below: A cafe in the Colonial Zone


Above: The `Clock of the Sun`in Spanish Square in the Colonial Zone

Dominican Republic Capital